Will My Son Follow In My Footsteps…?

Will My Son Follow In My Footsteps…?

How would I feel if my son were to join the Air Force like me?
To be honest I had never thought about it until today, I saw him pick up my ear muffs and put them on. These are the same muffs that have followed me since day 1 at my unit. I’m cleaning my closet and turn around and there he is smiling. I quickly took a grabbed my phone and took a picture, like any mom! It was adorable, but then I stopped and remembered all the places I had take the muffs. This lead me to think what if he wants to join the military when he’s older? Will I be like my mother who just burst into tears and said that id be killing her if I did. (Only because I was leaving her behind) Of course the reaction of an over dramatic mother who doesn’t want her daughter to leave. Her second reaction was they will send me off to war and I won’t come back. Like any parent would be, she was just concerned. But is it different being a military parent? Don’t we all want our children to be influenced by us in some way, especially in their future? I don’t know but I spent a while thinking about it today. I’d be proud of him but then I got nervous. Who knows how the world will be when he’s older, and I’d miss him. It lead me to think I have to support my sons decision in whatever he wants to do in life, military or not, mama will stand by his side. And ooooh would I be proud at the boot camp graduation 🙂 My son is my world. I could only imagine his bright future ahead. So now, moms how would you feel? And moms like my mami, how did you feel when your child gave you the news he or she was enlisting?

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  1. Brittany

    Because of the way I grew up, I would NOT want my son to be in the military. I know .. I know.. someone has got to do it but the way this world is going, we are always going t.o be at war with someone. Man can not rule this world and I will not sacrifice my son for the selfish people in this world. Just my opinion though!

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