Twin Pregnancies That Are Born to Be Different

Twin Pregnancies That Are Born to Be Different

I wanted to write a short article to first-time moms looking for advice on the internet. I remember being just a couple weeks pregnant and being so overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. All that crazy advice and comments that you hear from other moms. I honestly think that there is no way you can fully grasp the concept of being a mom, and how much your life is going to change, until you have your little ones in your arms.  I was talking to a friend of mine who was about to have her baby, she said she hadn’t bought much and was beginning to freak out. She wanted to know what my birth was like, and what is was like once I took my son home. Before I even went into my pregnancy story, I made sure to make it a point to tell her, her experience was going to be totally different than mine. I remember reading horror stories online, and the best thing I could possibly do was stop searching and stop finding crazy stuff that only made me feel worse. As a first-time mom, we are already worried about our little one. Our bodies are changing, and doing things that we don’t even know are ok. The internet is a scary place so I just wanted to let moms now and be very clear that people are all different.  The one person I compared my experience to was my twin sister. Come on we are twins, so our childbirths should be almost the same, Wrong! My sister had an amazing birth compared to mine. Even her second child, took her less than eight hours. Her two births were natural and her water always broke. I would always call her, and she would honestly worry me even more, because what was unnormal to her, was apparently normal according to my doctor. I got a lot of, “it happens to some women”, and of course it never happened to my sister. (Karolin if you are reading this I hate your perfect births lol. Or what seems perfect, compared to mine.)  Below are our experiences, compared and contrast between my sister and I.


1. Karolin: She was a week late her first pregnancy, but her water broke.

Me: I was induced on my due date, my water was broken by my midwife at the hospital.

2. Karolin: Waited to receive the epidural and delivered quickly after feeling no pain as her son came out.

Me: I took the epidural right after my first few contractions. I didn’t give birth to maybe 16 hours later and felt pain when my son came out. (Still mad at her for telling me it wasn’t going to hurt.)

3. Karolin: Previous to her first baby, she was told by her doctor she might never be able to have kids. (She has two by the way)

Me: Was never told I could not have kids, but had a very complicated pregnancy.

4. Karolin: She was able to walk around until she gave birth.

Me: At four months I was put on strict bed rest till my due date. (No baby shower for me 🙁 *sad face)

5. Karolin Delivered baby and placenta just fine.

Me: Um.. hello placenta where are you? Midwife goes, “uh we might have a problem, it’s not coming out”. Instant panic**, a few minutes later phew it was out!


Needless to say, we are identical twins and our childbirth stories are opposites. No two are alike! Would love to hear your stories! Or even the crazy comments you have read. I know people say the craziest things when they talk about pregnancies.

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