Shopping with Kids

Shopping with Kids

I was thinking today after looking at a photo of my niece and son, the struggle mom’s go through when it comes to shopping with kids. Today, for the first time ever, my sister and I took our  three kids out with no stroller. Yes Ladies and Gent, no stroller. If your a parent you know this could be a very scary experience, it can backfire very easily. Your child could want to nap and you might have no place to put them. We didn’t want to not take the strollers, but it was necessary. We all know the need for trunk space when you go to IKEA. Especially when you know you might buy a rug and chair.

As we got out of the car I began to tell my sister how it wasn’t until I became a mom that I understood the struggles people go through when shopping with kids. It can be really difficult. I was once in a mall on Saturday where a woman loudly said,” I didn’t know the mall became the children’s place with all these strollers everywhere”.  I still can’t forget it because it was the moment where I realize she doesn’t get it and won’t get it until she has kids. I can’t be mad at her for not being a mom and understanding. My sister is such an amazing mom, she has been my rock. She wraps the baby around her and holds her toddlers hand and just goes with it. My son is more of the handful but he is getting there, and my sister has helped me out a lot.

When I go out shopping with my son, in order for my son to behave he has to hold something. I have to go in and find something for him to play with, till he gets bored and then I get him something else. He is only one but is entering that scary toddler age of two. He has cried, he has thrown a tantrum, and it’s ok. Moms, it is OK if your child throws a tantrum. I know I felt like the worst mother on earth, but you know what, he will get over with. He will learn, and the tantrums will stop. That first tantrum is the worst and it made me stop shopping for a bit. I didn’t want to be “that mom” but you know what it happens and in order for him to get better we have to continue going out. It’s the only way.  I just felt I would give moms like me a little encouragement. I will keep reporting back about my little terrible two.

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