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Roger Williams Zoo Trip

My sister and I took our three little ones to the Roger Williams Park Zoo, in Providence Rhode Island last week. It was perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold. The kids absolutely loved it! Kingston was shocked when he saw the giraffes and elephants. He kept saying, “look at that” and pointing to them. He is slowly starting to talk and say mini phrases here and there. It is amazing watching his vocabulary develop everyday. (Be careful what you say, because he repeats everything.)  I honestly haven’t gone to the zoo since I was in Elementary School, so brining the kids is a total new experience for me. I will say this, it was quite the work out. Mom wear your sneakers! There are so many uphill roads in the park zoo that pushing a stroller was a lot of work. I worked up a sweat.  My poor sister and her double stroller pushing a toddler and a baby… haha. The workout was the added bonus but taking the kids out on a trip to the zoo is a must. It is worth their smiles. There were so many mommies out with their strollers too, it was great. Also I know most moms know, I didn’t till my sister told me, but always pack a Ziploc of snacks. Those Ziploc bags of popcorn and chips and cold water in our timi & leslie baby bags saved us. Love sharing our zoo pics, so here you go!

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