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Quarantine Plant Mom

Anyone else become a plant mom during Quarantine? No, just me? Ok… lol 

It all started with figuring out what to do with our sunroom. Literally blank canvas, and Pinterest had too many ideas. I first made it an office but Urgh that wasn’t good. No one wants the mailman making a Zoom appearance. I needed a small happy place where I can plop on my computer and drink my coffee, take a break and just breathe. We all need our mom breaks.

Then came the Home Depot’s plant department. Man they got me hooked, it all started with a snake plant. And then a fig fiddle… and then I just fell into a rabbit hole. Target has amazing outdoors sets so that was where the chair and table came from, and it turned out SO GOOD! I also found the perfect leopard entrance rug at Joanne Fabrics. It’s MY happy place. And my plants are so happy, getting so big! Enjoy the photos! 

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