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PT Test as a Military Mom

I know I am in the military, but that does not mean I love the physical training part of it. If I must be completely honest I’d say running has probably been the most difficult part of being in the military. Yes running, I know how crazy that may sound to some people.  It has never come easy, and coming back from maternity leave has been my biggest struggle. Even after the baby, and falling on black ice and injuring my knee, I am still fighting to get back into shape. Military moms, you know what I am talking about. I remember last summer when I was running with my jogger stroller around the track, and  thinking how crazy I must have looked. Kingston of course, loved it, and found it the perfect time to take a nap. Then when I became a teacher and  had no time to even breathe let alone eat well, I lost the weight. I seriously  lost the baby weight and some, but with all the weight I lost muscle too. Which remember it’s not only running its sit ups and push ups too! I hit panic mode when I realized I needed to really focus on the push ups and sit ups more than my run. Once you panic, I think that’s when you realize you have to make some life changes. This means literally dropping and doing sit ups and push ups every time you get a chance with a toddler. I swear Kingston is getting better at perfecting his push up form because of me. I would put him in the high chair while I would do my push-ups  and sit-ups. He would laugh and throw cheerios at me. I guess translating to motivation. It wasn’t easy but ever time I would have drill, I would ask for a practice test. At first they were terrible but I saw progress. The people at the fitness center really helped me. They helped my form which made me do more push-ups and even run better. I found running to become a kind of therapy to really motivate myself and clear my head. I thought of Kingston while I ran, and how I didn’t want to let him down. I want him to one day be proud of his mommy passing her PT test. Our children are our biggest inspirations. So I practice and they day before my test, I will still a nervous wreck. I was lucky to have a lot of support and when it came time to test, I really ran my heart out and blew my push ups and sit ups numbers out of the water. I did it not only for me but for my Kingston. I know crazy enough am starting to fall in love with running. It feels great to pass. As a gift to myself and coming back from all the stress of getting back into Military Mom shape, I bought myself some awesome Pink Nike Free running shoes from Finish Line. I had been eyeing them for a while but always thought, nice to look at not to run. Now, I am dying to run in them and break them in. Thanks to the Air Force,  for finally changing the rule and allowing colored running shoes. I almost feel like I earned them But of course if mommy gets new sneakers, Kingston does too. We went for walk today with our sneakers! I am all smiles and getting ready for my next test.

Military mommies, keep at it! I know it is not easy going back and getting into shape but let your baby push you and be your motivation to succeed. Good Luck Ladies!

P.S. I heard they are extending maternity leave to a year in some branches! Don’t let that stop you from working out, remember it’s a process, can’t happen overnight. Click the link below.

Dwell Time, PT Exemptions For New AF Mothers

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