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Mom and Dads Need A Break Too

I sometimes feel guilty leaving my son with my mom so we can have a date night. Maybe its a mom thing, or maybe it’s just me. The hardest part is leaving him and then getting in the car. It has become qeasier, but I remember the first date night after having the baby, oh it was painful. I was literally skipping chewing my food to hurry home and be with him. This wasn’t healthy for my relationship. Mom and Dads need a break too.

I now realize that in order to have a healthy relationship parents must go out on their own from time to time, and enjoy themselves! This can be anything from actually taking the time to plan a full day of activities you did before babies (for us is dancing) or just going out for dinner and drinks. We don’t do it often since my busy work schedule has got in the way of a lot of things this year, but we started to have date nights again last week. I know it’s funny we actually still call it date night as adults. We both work from our phones, so date night rules is no work, which, by the way, is extremely hard for us. Its the tech world that we live in that make it harder. I did use it to take some pictures of us.

This date night we went out for dinner and drinks at Longhorn Steakhouse and ended it with a movie at home passed out on the couch. It was fun, just like old times. We both love to dress up, as funny as that sounds. It was nice to have a purpose to get all dressed up and go out and just talk about life. Also their margaritas are amazing. They come with a sugar rock stick that makes them extra sweet but with a kick. It also helps that the steaks and appetizers were mouth watering.  We couldn’t finish them so we took them to go.  In the morning he made me potatoe and eggs to go along with the steak. It was just the sugar on top to a great night. I recommend date night to every mom and dad because every once in a while its nice to know you still have eachother.

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