Kingston's Ninja Turtle Birthday

Kingston's Ninja Turtle Birthday

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Especially planning Kingston’s second birthday. Which is why blogging took a back seat. Sorry guys! Nina Turtles took over my home and life. You will understand when you see the sea of green and purple pictures. I have honestly never been one of those party planners, but motherhood changes you. Anything to see my little boy smile. He understand a little more now and was excited that it was his Birthday. He even blew out the candles and took very nice one handed swings at the pinata. (Dreams of the major leagues in his future lol) I planned everything while still working full time. Most of the things that I bought for the party were online. I must say, Amazon Prime is amazing! The two day shipping is well worth the membership. The goodie bags were very good quality for the amount paid. We also all were about to get matching turtle shirts. Tyson was Leonardo, Kingston was Michael Angelo, and I was Donatello. Then of course my life size Pinata that you might have read about in the past. My son was very excited about the pinata. It was taller than him. Our friends came from all over Mass. They are are truly amazing for doing the long drives for the party. Traffic didn’t stop them and Tyson’s bar was a great addition to the party. He had created Ninja Turtle inspired drinks. Even created a turtle from grapes and limes. I will have to make sure I add those pictures. All together there were 7 kids but goodie bags were sent to those who couldn’t make it. My sister and I even made little baggies with green apple gummy bears as party favors for adults. Yes, I bought a 2 pound gummy bear bag on amazon of green apple gummy bears. I had left over but of course Tyson and Kingston finished them. The food was amazing our culture mix the grandmas and aunties took over. So helpful. Best of all Kingston was happy. Well worth our big Ninja Turtle home. Pictures below.

Have you done any theme birthday parties? If so how did it go?

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  1. Looks like a great time! I love that you guys got in on the dressing up too. Kids really do make you go all out, don’t they! 🙂 My son had a Ninja Turtles party last year at a tae kwon do studio. It was a good time!

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