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Gender Reveal Party Coming Soon

We had our 12 week baby appointment! So happy everything is going so well this time. We got to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time, which was super exciting. At this appointment they asked if we would like to find out the gender through genetic testing. I was honestly surprised to even hear this option as before it was the wait till 20 weeks. We were so excited, first to make sure genetically everything was going to be fine, as a healthy baby comes first, but also to find out the gender of the baby. After the blood work, we had to wait a little over 2 weeks to hear back.

We had the conversation many times on if we wanted to know, just get the results over the phone, wait till 20 weeks, or join the fun trend of gender reveals that we all have seen over social media.

Well hence the title here we are doing a gender reveal. Ahh so exciting… But wait we want to be safe during COVID-19… so gender reveal over ZOOM it is. With the exception of grandparents.

Our amazing friend David who lives all the way in Colorado was going to be the gate keeper of this big secret. Once the results came in, they actually had the option to send to a third party via email, which we did. Once David knew, he ordered decorations online, and the Party City box of balloons for our joyous occasion. We are so excited to know, here are our guesses…

Tyson is 110% sold that we are expecting a baby girl. He has always wanted a little girl, and so there is no convincing otherwise. I on the other hand, think I’m expecting a little boy, and have dived deep into Boy names. Boys just love their mamas so much, and Kingston is my world. But honestly we just want a healthy baby, its just fun to guess right?

Our little Kingston has been Team boy with his Mama up until we had the conversation of Team yellow. He heard team yellow meant it didn’t matter we just want a cute chunky baby. It was so sweet, I am just excited he loves the baby so much already. Can’t wait for him to share his thoughts during the gender reveal. He will be so excited.

Gender Reveal Coming Soon..

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