Foundations of Tea Pack | #teachatea

Foundations of Tea Pack | #teachatea

As the mom of a very rambunctious toddler, I rarely get a moment to sit down and enjoy some tea. Mainly because who has the time to go out in search of a new tea to try. My sister and  I have always loved trying new teas but with a combination of two toddlers and a nine-month-old, it almost never happens. Unless you count the free sample given outside of the Teavana shop tea time. I haven’t really sat and enjoyed amazing tea till my Foundations of Tea Pack arrived in the mail! I was very excited to receive my Foundations of Tea packs with a wide and intricate world of teas to try. When I opened my package I was very impressed. I will add some pictures below, but the packaging was beautiful. They had selected five essential infusions to illuminate the very foundations of tea. They had included the five tea families of major tea producing nations. They selected tea’s from Japan, Morocco, India, Taiwan, and China. How exciting, when do you get a chance to try teas from all over the world?

The package included the following…

For each variety, you will receive 2 elegant, artisanal tea bags containing pure teas and blends curated from around the world.

Drawing from their extensive research, they compressed the essential facts and stats about each tea into concise, postcard-sized learning notes. These notecards acquaint you with the essential properties and identifying traits that make each tea unique.

Each Theme of the Month pack is specially curated to represent the specific month of the year. Paying respect to natural season and historic tradition, they  carefully select teas that will warm cool days, refresh hot days, memorialize special moments and holidays, and remedy seasonal health concerns.

As elegant as this pack is, I believe it makes the perfect gift for a tea lover. The fact that it comes with tea’s from around the world alone should make you want to try it. My sister and I really enjoyed our #Teachatea experience.  You can actually subscribe yourself for a monthly tea pack at their website or click the link below for more details.

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