Foundation Exploration

Foundation Exploration

I seriously love experimenting with foundations. New brands, liquids, powder, I’ve tried them all. After a lot of failures I want to share my top three make up foundations from the drug store. I remember watching Dulce Candy and Nicole Guerriero on YouTube, reviewing some of these. I must say reviews really help, specially when it comes to make up. They paved the way to what I decided to try.  First thing when choosing a foundation is making sure you get the right color! Not too light and not too dark. I get a little tan in the summer so my numbers change a bit. Anyways, now about the product.

If you want long lasting foundation for big events you have to go with Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation 330! This is guarantee to last a long time. I have never tried the full 24 but over 12 hours and my face was still flawless. It has such an incredible whipped texture to it. That might be why I love it. It is pretty thick but it doesn’t look caky. My biggest fear, walking around looking like frosting haha.

My second foundation that is more for every day use is the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation W4. This foundation is perfect for the busy working woman. It is great coverage and doesn’t need a lot of touch ups. It’s a liquid foundation that applies great with the beauty blender.

Lastly, the Fit Me Maybelline Foundation. I added this in here because this is my go to when people are coming over my house and I don’t feel like doing my make up. This isn’t the long lasting foundation, but it’s perfect for the woman looking for small coverage. I have a couple of these because they are really affordable and great to have around. I can go from a 210 to a 220 color.

I am interested to know what foundation you ladies use? What do you recommend I try next?

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