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Class of 2020

COVID-19 Kindergarten Graduation

Woo Kingston graduated Kindergarten!

Unfortunately, like many other Kindergartners, his experience was cut short due to COVID-19. We transition into a once a week Zoom Classroom meetings, and trust me nothing is harder than holding the attention of a Kindergartner. I think our teachers did a great job, playing games and teaching them online. However the rest was up to us. Moms everywhere added teacher to our long list of roles. Our school gave us packets to do with our little ones, along with supplies.

In June we got an email to come by and pick up our little ones things, and their Kindergarten diploma. I brought Kingston along just so he would at least to see his teacher one last time. They took this photo below, and that was it. This mom was heartbroken, we needed a little more celebration….

In comes planning a Kindergarten “party” , don’t worry, it was literally just us along with my mom and sister, who we see regularly, cutting a cake, eating some good food, and having a good old water balloon fight. But I love that we got him a full cap and gown, thank you AMAZON! He put his shades on and felt so cool. We did a small photo shot, and he loved it. I saw some other parents do similar things, and loved how it turned out. Congrats to all classes of 2020!

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