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Boston's Children's Museum with Our Toddlers

So since I am off for the summer, my sister and I planned a day trip to take our kids to The Boston Children’s Museum. We decided to use the exercise and meet at my mother’s house in East Boston, and take out her Joovy Stroller and my Britax B-agile and use the MBTA service into Downtown Boston. According to my pedometer we walked over 4 miles around Boston and the Children’s Museum. It was such a great day to be out with the kids. Kingston loved every minute of it. Especially when he saw the giant milk jug outside of the museum, he was so amazed he kept pointing to it thinking it was filled with milk. My son is obsessed with milk if you didn’t know, that’s why it’s funny. Shout outs to the museum for having free military admission, it is usually 16 dollars a person and children’s age one and up. There was so many things to do but we were on a mission. Julian who is 4 years old was super excited to see Arthur’s house, if your not familiar with Arthur and Friends, click the link. They had this amazing imaginative setting all set up in the museum. It has everything from a green screen to be in Arthurs’s TV show to a full classroom and book area for you to actually pretend to be Mr. Ratburn. Kingston, who is a huge fan of the show as well on Netflix, loved it. He got to be on the green screen and be on the TV with my sister. It’s hilarious because Kingston who is only one is all about jumping and running around, so that is exactly what he did on the green screen. Meanwhile Julian is much more into the small details of Arthur’s house. I think kids from all ages will enjoy it. Kingston even tried to eat the plastic carrot at the pretend kitchen area. It made for quite the Snap Chat story @MomStyleLife. Once we finally left the Arthur exhibit, which I highly recommend, we went to The Construction Zone. They got to actually work on things, with our help and little adorable Home Depot aprons. They looked hard at work. It made for such an awesome photo shoot. The boys were all about using tools. Of course Karolin and I had to have fun too, so we joined the kids in the Kid Power section where we raced pulling their weight up on a chair. I won (of course) but the kids were so excited. My mom filmed it so I should be able to show you all. There were so many other exhibits but with our time crunch into the city we couldn’t enjoy them all. We will be again, to concur the rest later in the summer. Of course we couldn’t leave without hitting the gift shop and picking up a couple souvenirs, a cup and a t-shirt. Also if you go right outside the museum there is a lovely scenery of Boston that was great for pictures, just so you know. Then we set out of the adventure of just walking around the city and taking in the summer. We were ready with snacks! By the time the kids made it to the blue line in the train, the kids were asleep. All three kids were just passed out. That moms, means success! Can’t wait to go again, I highly recommend the day trip with your kids. They will enjoy every minute of it.

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