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A Pint of Postivity

You ever have someone say something that makes you smiles? Or read something somewhere that changes your whole approach towards you day? Little things can impact our lives in a huge way sometimes. When you think of postivity, you think of positive things that make you happy. Well I find myself sometimes needing a boost, you can’t always be happy. As much as people try to always be happy, I think my face would hurt.  So for the rainy days, I found a Pint of Postivity helps me make it by. Sometimes even inspiring me to do better. A Pint of Postivity is what I just purchased of a website called Mercari. This is a website used to purchase or sell things that you own or make. This pint was actually hand made by a small buisness called Rustic Rose Creek. They make all sorts of things, but this jar stood out to me. This jar carries 101 quotes that inspire positiveness. The idea is when your having a tough day at work or in life you can open this jar a read a quote. I loved it, and it could be decorated your way. I myself had to purchase more then one to share the wealth. Actually if you purchase it off Mercari and use the code FTAESF you can get two dollars off.
This jar was truly inspiring, speacially for those tough days when your toddler decides to cover himself in baby powder when you walk away for a minute. Haha, true story. Anywho, it happens and it helps. It also a cute add on to any work desk, or make up desk like myself.

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. 
Thomas Jefferson 

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