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Teeting Savior #balticamber

Teeting Savior #balticamber

Our little Ellie Rose is 9 months and is currently teething like crazy. Moms you know the teething stress. Babies get their teeth at all different times, and Ellie has still not yet sprouted a tooth. I am not going to lie, I have been worried. I just have to keep telling myself kids are all different. They really are though, I see the difference between my son and nephew.  Anyhow, now that she is teething we have been trying many new things to soothe Ellie. We have tried different toys and rarely anything has works. We finally tried the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. I admit I have always skeptical of teething necklaces, but I am a mother and I would give anything for Ellie to soothe her teething. I had heard good things of Amber really soothing so I decided to try it. The product is 100% baltic amber so I expected good things. It really surprised me. Ellie really loved it, and best of all it calmed down her teething. I found that putting the teething necklace in the freezer for 15 minutes really worked for Ellie. She was able to always to numb on it. I will keep you posted on here teething! I am pretty positive once her first teeth come out, I will throw a giant party in celebration. Go Ellie! I highly recommend this awesome teething necklace.
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Mirian V
A former TSA & VA Police Officer, and Case Worker turned USAF Reserves, English & Social Studies Teacher...Oh yeah and MOM! The Boston Sports Fanatic who loves pancakes with her butter may not always get it right, but will always write about it. So, remember to enjoy Life's trials & triumphs!


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