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i-Design Frames That Will Keep You From Getting Screwed

i-Design Frames That Will Keep You From Getting Screwed


FullSizeRender (96)
So lets just say, I have been going on a sunglass binge. My good friend got me hooked when she showed me her amazing sunglasses collection. I then stumbled upon i-Design on Amazon.  These sunglasses are unlike any other, that I’ve seen.  These sunglasses have a very cool innovative design because they don’t have ANY screws. Hence, you won’t get screwed with i-Design. Make sure you check out my pictures of them so you could know how they work. Before I get into the product, I must say the packaging impressed me.  I did not expect a rectangle cardboard box with the sunglass design on them. Even my son Kingston saw it and instantly thought it was one of his blocks. It was very cool,  truly different. All together its a 3 piece kit and the sunglasses. I don’t know about you but when I have ordered sunglasses online they usually just send it in a big amazon box with them in a bag or a small slip case. This showed me the company has attention to detail. Now to the sunglasses themselves. I loved that they were black and gold with this matte finished. They are super light weight which I will be honest made me a little bit of a skeptical at first. I thought they were going to break easy, but it is actually the opposite. Their light weight makes them more flexible and durable. The pair that I have are for men, they were meant for Tyson, but I have been wearing the more haha. If he can wear them, why can’t I? I will be getting myself a pair soon. They are truly a fashion statement and every time we go out people always notice them. Of course that’s when I jump in a go, aren’t they cool?! It makes for an awesome gift. 
FullSizeRender (95)
FullSizeRender (94)
FullSizeRender (97)
Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to purchase these sunglasses at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. I have provided my truly unbiased opinion of the product. 

Mirian V
A former TSA & VA Police Officer, and Case Worker turned USAF Reserves, English & Social Studies Teacher...Oh yeah and MOM! The Boston Sports Fanatic who loves pancakes with her butter may not always get it right, but will always write about it. So, remember to enjoy Life's trials & triumphs!


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