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Christmas with Peppa Pig

Christmas with Peppa Pig

Christmas shopping is always very overwhelming for me as I always leave it to the last minute. This year I was even shopping on Christmas Eve. Not good. Needless to say I learned my lesson. I even spent a lot more then I had to out of running out of time. I was that person running around the last possible day wrapping gifts right before the big event.  I even thought I should start at least 6 months in advance with the amount of people I have added to the list. Adults aren’t the easiest bunch to shop more, even men. Although I did get Tyson a Groupon for us to do a quick Getaway to Atlantic City! He loved it! I can’t wait to go.

My son received an overwhelming amount of large play-sets this year. I gifted him a lot of Peppa pig toys, from Peppa’s house to the small family figurines so he could play with them. He has been really getting into having his toys act out things. He loves his George and Peppa, we even took him to see the lives show that they do.  I found a couple of the toys online.  I did good in really taking advantage of my Amazon Prime for all the kids. Below are some of the best holiday gift for toddlers. Especially, all those Peppa Pig obsessed toddlers.

The Peppa Pig House is amazing not only does your toddler get to play house but it also very easy to travel with. It literally just closes with all the attachments in, and you can even include the characters in it. It has a red handle on the top. Kingston absolutely loved it. There are so many YouTube videos of kids playing with this house that it was time for his to have his own.

The Peppa Pig Camper can actually fit a lot of small figurines. Kingston loves putting little people figurines in the camper and even comes with its own two Peppa Pig small figurines if you haven’t bought them separately. Toys R Us caries the camper as well, but it is also available online.

The Peppa Pig Red Car has wheels and as Kingston loves to park it near the house pretending like the television show that they are going on a trip. He is really into taking it around the house. Specifically on the rug, he loves pretending with the red car. This can also be found online and it is great to add to the collection.

Of course the Peppa Pig Figurines had to be a part of the holidays shopping list. These alone make an awesome gift! They can even sit down or stand. Which is perfect for the camper or red car. He even lays them down on the attached bed the house brings. The negative is they are so easy to lose! Especially with a toddler who loves to throw everything.

Mirian V

A former TSA & VA Police Officer, and Case Worker turned USAF Reserves, English & Social Studies Teacher…Oh yeah and MOM! The Boston Sports Fanatic who loves pancakes with her butter may not always get it right, but will always write about it. So, remember to enjoy Life’s trials & triumphs!


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