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Mom’s First Day of School Anxiety

Mom’s First Day of School Anxiety


So far he hasn’t even experienced the first day and I am a nervous wreck. I remember the first moment I heard him in the delivery room. I would let him out of my sight. Not even when the nurses came in to take him to give a bath. I made myself walk to stand and watch them through the clear class give him his first bath. Yeah…some may say you’re that mom. Honestly, he is my everything . Even now that he is 4, it really has to be a extreme reason for me to even leave him with my own family. I have had him with me for 4 years never leaving me for more than a couple hours and now I have to let him attend school for most of the day, 5 days a week. I know some may say I am extreme; I won’t go out with the girls or take a night out with the husband and leave him with a family or friend. I just feel like he’s my responsibility, he is my child I know some may disagree and everyone is entitled to there option but I can’t pawn him off on to someone to go out and enjoy myself when it’s not their duty its not their title to be a mom. I can’t believe Julian is now less than 4 days away from going into school. The scary part is he’s actually ready. He’s actually ready to leave me. Wow writing that hurt a bit. I am the one who’s not ready for him to leave. As much as all moms hate the morning wake up call from their toddler going, I need to go to the bathroom, or the ‘Mommy its morning day’ I live for those moments. Yet lately it’s been “ I can do it myself” or the “I need privacy” He wouldn’t even let me pick out his notebooks as his taste has changed from the cute little Paw Patrol puppies to now Star Wars. I guess its part of life to see your kids grow up and Moms just have to get use to it. Be ready to read all about Julians first day drop off coming soon. Where I might just have to pick myself up from the puddle ill become.

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Mirian V
A former TSA & VA Police Officer, and Case Worker turned USAF Reserves, English & Social Studies Teacher...Oh yeah and MOM! The Boston Sports Fanatic who loves pancakes with her butter may not always get it right, but will always write about it. So, remember to enjoy Life's trials & triumphs!


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